EURODARK Symposium. Time to reflect!

From March 14-17, 2024, representatives of Leve(n)de Nacht vzw Yana Yakusina, Stijn Vanderheiden and Friedel Pas participated in the EURODARK Symposium, a remarkable event organised under the esteemed patronage of DarkSky.

This event has been an amazing opportunity to convene with like-minded individuals, exchange innovative projects, foster collaborations, and showcase ongoing research in the realm of light pollution.

The Symposium unfolded across multiple sessions, each dedicated to exploring various aspects of light pollution, including measurement techniques, biodiversity impacts, policy implications, and communication strategies.

Presentation of Leve(n)de Nacht members:

During the Symposium, the organisation was represented by Yana Yakushina and Stijn Vanderheiden.

Yana presented her research on regulatory approaches to light pollution mitigation and gave some recommendations on how it should be done the best.

Stijn talked about how Flanders started to address light pollution and include ALAN in decision-making considerations.

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