There are several ways you can support our efforts in protecting dark skies: volunteer, membership or donation. By becoming a volunteer, member, or donor, you can play a crucial role in protecting dark skies and ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy the beauty of the night sky. Join us in our mission to preserve the wonders of the cosmos for all to appreciate.
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Join us as a volunteer and actively participate in our dark sky protection projects. Your time, skills, and dedication can make a significant difference in our mission to combat light pollution.
BECOME A member
Become a member of our organization and contribute to our cause on a regular basis. Your membership helps sustain our initiatives and enables us to continue our advocacy for dark sky preservation.

We have various membership options:
€10 or €25
For students and other individuals, willing to support dark sky movement in Belgium
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For everyone else, who is willing to support dark sky movement in Belgium and become a contributing member
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Are you an NGO and share our values? We have special membership option
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Are you a professional organisation? We value your support and contribution to help us achieve our goals
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Consider making a donation to support our work. Your financial contributions play a vital role in funding our projects, research, and outreach efforts aimed at reducing light pollution and promoting awareness of its impacts.
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